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Wednesday, September 12, 2012

We were THAT family

So remember how I dropped a little mension of an accident at Disneyland in my post about my week off work? Let me elaborate. Let me welcome you into the bubble of horror and embarassment that I got to experience.

Anthony is 3.5 years old, he will be four in November. He has been potty trained since he was just over two years old. So we're goin on two years of potty training here. His butt hasn't touched a diaper in almost two years. I haven't had to deal with an accident or carry a change of clothes with me for a very long time.

The drive from my house to Disneyland is around two hours. Give or take, depending on traffic. This particular trip to Disneyland we decided to make quicker by eating breakfast in the car, rather than stopping. So Anthony ate and drank on the way there.

When we got there I saw that one of the most popular rides, Peter Pan, had only a ten minute wait (as oppose to its normal 40min wait). So I jumped on the opportunity and rushed us all into the line. After we got off Peter Pan I noticed that Dumbo also had a short line, which is not usually the case. So I ran us over to Dumbo to jump in line, forgetting the fact that we had eaten and drinken on the way up here and had yet to make a bathroom stop.

So there we are, standing in line for Dumbo, minding our own business, when Anthony starts dancing a little and tells me he has to go potty. We were next in line so I ask him "Do you have to go now or can you hold it until the end of the ride?" and almost immediately after I finished my question it happened. The most embarassing Disneyland moment of my life. He just started peeing. Right there in line for Dumbo. Peeing. Down his leg. On his shoes. Peeing. I couldn't do anything, I couldn't pick him up mid-pee, I couldn't make it stop, I couldn't do anything! All I could do was stand there in shock and horror, and watch my child pee himself in the middle of the line, in the middle of Disneyland.

We hung our heads low and when our turn came up, we let the line operator know we had had an accident and needed to get through. We rushed to the bathroom where I stuffed Anthony in a stall (that I could see from the sinks) and washed off his shorts and sandals in the sink. I got some looks of "wth are you doing?!" from some moms. I got ingored by some moms. But mostly I got looks of pity. Looks of "I see what you're doing there.. I've been there too" Which was oddly comforting.

Luckily for Anthony it was knockin on 100 degrees that day so his shorts were dry in less than a half hour. His shame was quickly dried away and soon there was no evidence of it. Also luckily for him, he's three and was at Disneyland so he didn't give two shits about the fact that his pants were wet, or that he peed himself in front of everyone, he was just happy we were there. Oh, to be three again.

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  1. Awww poor Ant! Poor you too lol. I can totally picture something like that happening to me too. And you're right all you can do it keep movin'. haha.