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Monday, December 3, 2012


I realize it's been over a week since Thanksgiving, but oh well. This Thanksgiving was momentus for me because for the first time ever, Brandon and I hosted! That week was a little bit of a whirlwind. We hosted Anthonys birthday party (30+ attendees) then 5 days later hosted our first Thanksgiving (~15 attendees). I also went black "friday" shopping that night at Target but it was such a monumental waste of time I wont even go into it.

On Thanksgiving morning Brandon and his friends have a tradition of playing football, the turkey bowl, so he left at like 10 that morning. Thankfully he gutted the turkey for me before he left because I was really not looking forward to doing that and was happy to pass that task along to him. I was a little nervous about him leaving and me being left alone with the boys trying to watch them and get the food prepared at the same time but it actually worked out perfectly. Noah went down for his nap and I put a movie on for Ant, so everyone was gone and out of my hair and I was able to work pretty much without interruption for most of the morning. I got the turkey prepped and in the oven before 11am, got the deviled eggs made, and chopped up and laid out the veggies for the platter  before people started arriving and Brandon got back home. Then I got to open up the wine ;)

Everything went pretty smoothly until it was time to pull the turkey and ham out of the oven. The gravy needed to be made and for some reason, of everything that I made that day the gravy was what intimidated me the most. I got started (with the help of my sister) working on the gravy, but then every side that had been brought over and was sitting out needed to be put in the oven to be warmed up. It got a little hectic in the kitchen and I felt like I needed 5 ovens but in the end it all worked out. The ham was a little cold by the time it was time to eat but it got eaten up anyway.

For my first Thanksgiving hosted I think it went well! Everyone ate a lot, and went back for more so I'd say they enjoyed it. Even with the little bit of chaos I would love to host again, I really loved having everyone over and being able to open my home up. Oh and I REALLY enjoyed the whole not having to drive anywhere thing. I didn't take many pictures becuase I was a TAD busy. But here are a few pictures of the food tables before they got dug into.


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