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Wednesday, October 23, 2013

The rising of the dead!

Just in time for Halloween i'm raising this blog back up from the dead! I don't know why it fell off the face of the earth... it just happened. But it's back! Reanimated, brought back to life!

Too much has happened since my last post to catch you up on all of it. The biggest change in our lives between then and now was that we bought a house! I was seriously unsure if it would ever happen, but it finally has! We had been renting in the neighborhood for about a year and decided if this one particular house was still for sale when our lease ended, we would try to buy it. Our lease ended, and the house was still for sale. I wish I could say the buying process was easy and carefree but it really, really wasn't. We looked at other houses too; we looked around, we made offers, we stressed, we cried. I wish there was a show on HGTV that showed the REAL house buying process instead of acting like you sit in a cafe, make an offer, and an hour later you have the house.

But alas, after all the stress and worry, we have our house! We are completely in love. The house was a foreclosure and had been empty for a few years, so right away it needed some work. The first thing on my list was to remove the disgusting carpet in the master bathroom. Really people, who carpets a bathroom?! My husband and his dad tiled both bathrooms, we painted the kitchen and bathroom cabinets, we replaced all the lovely gold fixtures in the bathroom (again, WHO DOES THAT?!) with some brushed nickle ones and the place looks 100x better already. Our to-do list is still about a mile long, but we're slowly making progress. We have to keep reminding ourselves that this house is ours, and we don't have to rush through it all. We have years to get it all done.

I have found a downside to our house though. Our neighbors. We are on a corner and only have neighbors on one side (none behind us either) but those neighbors do enough "neighboring" to make up for the lack of more neighbors. Did I say neighbors enough time in that sentence? Neighbors. Anyway. They're about middle aged and I believe the wife doesn't work, and they are extremely nosy. They love to pop their heads over the fence, which isn't hard because it's only a four foot fence, and give their opinions about something in our yard or on our house or IN our house. So I think "putting in a higher fence" is quickly vaulting it's way to the top of our to-do list...

Do you guys have any crazy neighbors??

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