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Monday, November 12, 2012

I made a skirt!

I am not Martha Stewart. I know, you're all shocked. I like to pretend like I am for some reason, but I'm not. I love to craft. I'm not very good at it, but I really like to do it! Many times, and I mean many times, my crafts are a lot better in my head than they are in real life. My ideas are way better than my skills. Despite my less than stellar results, I just keep on craftin away! As evidenced by the task list I gave myself for Ant's birthday party this weekend. As if making the happy birthday banner, centerpieces, as well as putting the entire party together wasn't enough, I decided I needed to make a batman skirt to wear.

Aside from going old school needle and thread to fix a torn seam here and there, I have never sewn anything in my life. I've never made an article of clothing, until now. Despite my complete lack of skill and experience I decided I could, and should, make this skirt. I have no idea why. I used this tutorial, which made it look so incredibly easy.

All pinned together, ready to be sewn
I went to JoAnnes and got the fabric I needed, got the elastic waist band and got some stitch witchery, to cheat a little on the seam.  Putting the skirt together to prepare for sewing was actually pretty easy. Just cut the fabric to the length you want, use some stitch witchery for the bottom seam, use some for the top (so the fabric is thicker and will stay with the elastic better, put your folds (or ruffles) in the skirt so the fabric fits along the elastic band and pin it all in place. TA-DA! After I got that all done I thought damn, maybe this wont be so hard! That was pretty easy! I was in for a rude awakening.

After I had my brother in law set up the sewing machine for me, (apparently his grandma taught him how to sew) I looked in the manual for a "stretch stitch" the instructions told me which stitch and which setting to use to allow for some stretching in the stitches, it said "for use with elastic" Well perfect! I thought. I was so proud of myself for thinking to look for a stitch that would stretch with the elastic. The problem was, that I somehow messed it up and the stitch does not stretch, at all. I have no idea how I managed to mess it up after just reading how to do it, but considering that was my first ever stitch done on a sewing machine its not all that surprising. Not only is my stitch not stretchy, its also not very straight or clean looking. After sewing the skirt of fabric onto the elastic I decided it was time to sew the side seam. I decided to use a cross stitch so it would be more secure. The problem was, those cross stitches are crazy. Somehow the bottom thread that comes from the bobbin (is that the right spelling for that??) got tangled. I tried to take it out and untangle it but I just made it worse. The more I tried the worse it got. After about an hour of fighting it I gave up. I hand stitched the side seam of the elastic and then stitch witchery'd the side seam of the fabric.

Finished product! Not the cleanest of jobs, but works.
So overall, it works. It's a skirt. As long as I put it on over my head because that not stretchy seam wont fit over my fat butt, I can wear it and still look cute for the party. Just please, don't look closely at it, because up close its not pretty haha.

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