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Wednesday, April 11, 2012


I know, I know... I'm a few days late on the Easter post. But hey, I'm busy! Cut me some slack!

Our easter was really good. Brandon and I both come from divorced families so we have ten million places to go come holiday time. We spent Saturday with Brandons family, first an Easter egg hunt at his Nana's house then dinner with his mom.

Me and my Nono waiting to easter egg hunt on Saturday

Anthony and his dinosaur

Don't mind the candy on his face

Family photo
 Sunday we spent with my family, an Easter egg hunt at my Grandma's then dinner at home. This was the first year I got the pleasure to make our own Easter dinner. It was a lot of work, I spent a majority of my day in the kitchen but it was a lot of fun. This is the second holiday dinner i've gotten to do (I did Christmas this past year) and I think I love making holiday dinners. I don't have a whole lot to really explain, so i'll just share pictures. :)

Noey wants to hunt for eggs too!
Anthony's an egg huntin' fool
My Grandma with all her great-grandbabies. It's a good thing I had boys. Girls severely outnumber them.
For my Easter dinner I made a ham (duh) cheddar bacon deviled eggs, which were SO incredibly good, cream cheese mashed potatoes, green bean casserole and asparagus. Definitely not the most health concious menu, but a delicious one none the less.


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  1. yummy looking dinner!

    ps...I still have yet to post any Easter pics lol!