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Friday, April 6, 2012

Play ball!

I love baseball. I mean I love baseball. I love other sports too, but not the way I love baseball. Luckily, the love of my life also loves baseball, which means come baseball season, we go to as many Padre games as possible.  Back in our no kids days we went to as many as 13 games in a single season. Yesterday was opening day at Petco Park, so Brandon and I left work early and made the trip down to take part in the festivities.

Swieners, beer and baseball. Life is good. 

There was a block party outside the staduim with a beer garden and more food trucks than anyone would know what to do with. The beer garden was a tad pathetic, three different beer vendors.... that was it. Three? Really? But we soldiered through and made due with what we had available. There is a vendor that we discovered around Christmas time called Swieners. It's heaven. They take a baguette and warm it up, then hollow it out basically, scrape bubbly melty cheese off of a giant cheese wheel into the roll then stuff a spicy bratwurst in there. It's cheesy, bratwrusty heaven in my mouth.

I love the pagentry of opening day. Everything is so monumental and dramatic. The first pitch of the season! First out of the season! First hit of the season! Unfortunately the Padres fell victim to the nasty Dodgers, not getting a great start. (First loss of the season!) But we had fun either way. Our seats this year around a man with dreads and a quite clever sense of humor was 100x better than our seats last year, with some college kids in front of us too drunk to even sit up right. With one girl so incredibly drunk that she proceeded to throw up in the walk way. Charming.

When we got to our seats there was an envelope with Brandons name written on it taped to his seat. Inside there was a note saying we had been chosen to receive a free prize! I assume it was because we bought our tickets the day they went on sale. My guess was the first xxxxx number of customers to buy tickets got this prize. It was just a license plate holder haha but it was cool to feel special for a minute!

National Anthem
Sometime in the near future I we'll take Anthony down, let him experience a big league game. He hasn't been old enough before but I think he might enjoy it now. I hope at least, because he's going to play little league whether he likes it or not. Wait.. what?? I mean... He'll love it :) If he's anything like his parents,  he'll love it.

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  1. That brat looks soooooo good. I want one right this second.