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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

I may have lost it.

My life is pretty busy. I wake up at 5am, scramble to get myself and my boys dressed, ready and dropped off at daycare, commute 40 minutes to work where I proceed to spend 9 hours, then commute another 40 minutes back home. Once home I usually stand in the kitchen in my work clothes and toss together some sort of dinner, hoping we can sit down and eat before 7pm. After dinner is a whirlwind of baths, showers, and stories that usually results in me not getting into bed until about 9:30pm. I manage to get my schoolwork done during slow times at work, which is really the only reason I'm able to be in school at all. I seem to have a routine worked out so I can cram it all into one day. It's madness, but it works.

So what do all sane people do when they have a routine that works? Change it, of course. I decided that another two years of school was just a little too daunting for me. You see, I was late to start college. I thought after high school that I was just too cool for school, but it turns out that I'm really not. So basically I did a little research and found that my last two general education classes and my first few major specific classes are available online at a local community college. I can take them concurrently with my current classes and transfer the credits, speeding the process up a little bit. Then in light of some issues my school seems to be having, I think I've decided to transfer to National University, which is on a 4 week per class accelerated schedule. So basically I'm going to speed up the planned classes, then add two more classes per semester on top of them. Normal, right? Right. The end result though, is that I should be finished with school in just over a year, effectively cutting my time nearly in half. I'm hoping that seeing the growing light at the end of the tunnel will be the motivation I need to keep holding on to this crazy train. Sleep is overrated anyway, right?

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  1. hahhaha aww it will be SO worth it though. I'll be your cheerleader. :)