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Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Fair time!

It's that time of year when the fair rolls into town! Bringing with it all the rickety rides and fried food you could possibly imagine. Since being together, Brandon and I have made a habit of going every year, and this year was no differnent. This past Saturday we loaded up the kiddos and made the trek down to the fair. We enjoyed fair food (portabello mushrooms stuffed with gouda cheese, wrapped in bacon and grilled! DELICIOUS!), browsed booths full of TODAY ONLY! sales, went through some exhibits, and rode a few rides with Anthony. In 2008 when I was pregnant with Anthony we decided to take some photobooth pictures. I was only about 4 months pregnant and wasn't showing enough to try to get a belly shot, but we knew that Anthony was there. Every year since then we have taken photobooth pictures. It has evolved into a tradition that no one planned, but that we love so much. I love seeing how much our family has changed each year. In five years we've gone from just two of us in that booth to this year cramming four of us in there! Let me tell you, it got hot quick up in there.

2008-2012 of photobooth awesomeness!