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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Almost birthday time?!

The day after tomorrow will be June. JUNE. When did this happen? Wasn't it just new years last week? This year, for me June means birthday planning. I don't mean my nieces birthday, which is the 5th. Or my moms birthday, which is the 9th. Or my mother in laws birthday, which is the 16th. Or even MY birthday, which is the 20th. (June is a TAD bit busy) I mean my Noeys birthday. Which is in August. I'm a bit of an over planner. I like to get birthday invitations out about a month ahead of time so people have time to plan and I like to have everything set before I send out invitations. So that means the plannin wheels are about to be set in motion!

Noey is a little bit of a chub monster. In reality, he's really not; he's in the 45%ile. So he's actually quite average, but when your first child lived in the <10%ile his whole life, 45% seems huge. Point being, we decided we needed a theme to match our little big man. Brandon came up with the genius idea of Bobs Big Boy and well... it stuck.

So now here we are! With a Bobs Big Boy theme. I found a website with a tutorial on how to make "hamburger" cupcakes and sugar cookie "fries" to serve. We'll put some checker table clothes down and grill up real burgers and hot dogs. Buy our little big boy a Bobs Big Boy shirt and maybe put a little wave in his hair. And then cry because my baby is a year old. I'll come up with more fun stuff as we get closer to... ya know...August.

I can't believe we're already talking about his birthday!! I remember his birth like it was yesterday and the stressful days in the NICU that followed. I remember my first day home alone with two kids, wondering how the hell I was ever going to manage. I remember being super productive and crafting like I never had before, and thinking I was so awesome doing all that on top of taking care of two kids. I remember finding out later it was just because my newborn slept a lot and once he got a little older I was not as awesome. I remember having a clean house and good, home cooked meals for dinner every night when I was home on leave and being proud that no matter how busy I was with both kids, I was still at least able to manage those two things. I remember being proud that even though I entered this relationship with  my now husband 8 years earlier I didn't have a single domestic bone in my body, and now here I was, running a household and doing so efficiently. I remember being so sad to go back to work even though I was desperate for adult conversation. After coming back to work my days are so busy and rushed, time passes by in a flash. I feel like those 3 months on leave took just as long as these past almost 7 months back at work have gone. It makes me extremely sad to know that I miss so many moments during the day with my boys. Yes, I was on the verge of losing my marbles on a regular occasion when I stayed home, but I was happily losing them. I was taking care of my family.

But in the times we live in, with the cost of living as high as it is, not working isn't an option. So until I find the money tree or win the lottery, I'll give hugs and kisses every morning and go off to work. And i'll take two months to plan something as silly as a first birthday, trying to impliment and force a theme into every place imaginable. I'll spend too much money and far too much time making every detail perfect, details most people wont even notice. And I'll do it all happily, because its for my littlest man.


  1. I can't believe he's going to be 1 already! Can't wait for this amazing Bob's party either :)