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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Scare of the century

On Friday night Brandon and I were at my sisters picking up the boys when he mentioned that his right leg felt like it was going numb. I laughed it off that it had fallen asleep on the drive or something. Over the next two hours it progressed to his entire right side being numb, a horrible headache, slurred speech, blurred vision and vomiting. I practically dropped my kids from the moving car* on my moms doorstep and rushed him to the ER. I don't know why I didn't call an ambulance, but i've been lectured for it a few times now.

When we arrived at the ER the receptionist asked his symptoms, took one look at him and ushered us back. After trying to ask him some medical questions and getting some very slurred, hard to understand responses, I heard a "stroke code" go out over the loudspeaker. It only took a minute for me to realize the code was for him. He was hoisted up onto a bed and rolled away. When we got into the room there were already a team of doctors and nurses standing in there waiting for him. Before I had a chance to blink they had given him a blood thinner, hooked him up to an IV, taken off his shirt and covered his chest in wires and monitors.

Seriously, I need this guy to be okay!
He stayed in the hospital from Friday night until late Sunday afternoon going through what seemed like 1,548,199,564 tests. They concluded that it was not a stroke, thank God. It was what they called a "complicated migrane." Basically what happened was his blood vessels constricted so tightly that it started depriving part of his brain of blood, therefore shutting that part of his brain down. Thats why he was feeling numb and confused, his brain was shutting down. Had it gone untreated, it would have turned into a stroke. It was the same symptoms and treatment as a stroke, without the brain damage. I'll take it.

The bad news is that he's prone to these complicated migranes now. And like I mentioned, they can cause a stroke from depriving the brain of blood. He was sent home with a daily preventative medicine to take and a medicine to take after a headache comes on.  '

Hawaii preview! Isn't he handsome?
Rubbing just a little salt into the wound, his birthday was on Monday so he had to spend his birthday weekend in the hospital. We're doing a birthday re-do this weekend. :)

I know I still need to post about our vacation, I will I promise.

*I assure you I did not in fact throw my kids from a moving car.

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