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Friday, May 4, 2012

i'm alive!!

Holy moly. I started a new job last week and to say that i've been a lot busier would be an understatement. Hey, remember when I mentioned that I also have two kids? Oh yeah, and a husband that likes to get some attention every once in a while. OH! And that little thing called: full time school.

Our vacation is in three days and it cannot come fast enough. I will be unplugging from life and wont be posting. But believe you me, I'm going to make one doozy of a post when I get back. You get to hear every detail of my week in paradise. I bet your stoked.

Of course it happens that Anthony gets insanely sick right before we leave. I'm not sure why, but if you so much as sniffle around that child he has a 103 fever the next day. He catches any and everything around him. We're stuffing him with antibiotics and motrin right now and praying for a speedy recovery so his week away from us isn't any harder than it's already going to be.  Say a little prayer for my little man and i'll be back in about a week to assault your eyes with pictures of me on the beach in a bikini with my i've-had-two-kids tummy in all it's glory ;)

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