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Thursday, June 7, 2012

Swap meet treasure

I used to hate swap meets and garage sales, but in the last year or so something has changed in me. I blame pinterest.

This past Saturday my boys and I headed down to the sports arena to Kobeys swapmeet. Usually I don't find much, just little things here and there but this week I could have spent some serious money. 

I was walking past a booth where a man was yelling everything was half off. It was getting later in the morning and people were starting to have "sales" to get rid of their stuff so they didnt have to take it back. I wandered into his area, hoping to find some half off treasures when I found it. My love. A vintage hard shell suitcase with a purple/pinkish satin lining inside and another smaller, matching suitcase hiding inside it. It was love at first sight. I looked at the little sticker with the price written on it and saw just a 4. This must be wrong. It's missing a 1 in front or a 0 after or something! I asked the man and no, these lovely ladies were only $4. And half off. I bought two awesome ass suitcases for $2.

Brandon hates them. I don't really know what i'm planning on doing with them. I'll probably use them as my suitcases when I travel, but that doesn't happen often. They're way too awesome to just stash away and store. I need a plan for these ladies.

Cell phone picture taken at the swap meet
I'm gunna cut someone if my pictures don't start rotating.

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  1. OoO I love them and I love that pink lining!
    SO what I figured out with the pics is you leave them be and blogger naturlly rotates them. If you rotate them they will come out sideways. Doesn't make sense, I know.