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Monday, June 4, 2012

Welcome back to the gym

One of the many benefits my job offers is free onsite gyms and free professionally instructed fitness classes available in those gyms. Classes are offered before work, around lunch time, and after work. I prefer to do the classes because I work a lot harder than I would if I was working out on my own. But seeing as I have two tiny people I need to take care of before and after work my only option for gym time is during lunch. This presents a few obsticals:
1. When will I eat?
2. I get sweaty at work.
3. I have limited time during lunch.
And most importantly:
4. When will I eat??

I make due, usually sneaking out of the classes a few minutes early to get back on time and fortunately the gyms also have locker rooms with showers to rinse off if you need, then I'll eat at my desk. I've worked at this company for five years, but recently changed positions. When I got this new position I had no idea how strict or lenient they would be with lunch times so I held off on going to the gym until I knew my new group better. I didn't want to be gone over an hour and come back to a brand new, pissed off boss. I went on vacation a week and a half after I started this job, and obviously did not go to the gym on vacation. Came back and staggered for a week trying to get back into my routine but just couldn't get to it, I was still stuck in vacay mode. Then Brandon got sick and I didnt give two shits about the gym.

All excuses aside, it's been about five weeks since i've been in the gym and I'm feeling it. I gained back the weight I worked so hard to lose before Hawaii and am fitting poorly in my clothes again. Im feeling sluggish and can feel the tension building up in me because I've had no outlet to let it go. So I decided it's time to get back into it.

My lovely friend Libby somehow convinced me that a boot camp class was a good idea to get started again. So much for easing back in. I'm not sure that i've ever sweat that much in my life. My shirt was drenched, my pants were drenched, I was a red, sweaty beast. I felt good after a good ass kickin in the gym, but I'm not sure I looked great coming back to my desk red faced and still sweating a little. I'm really pretty and girly. I made the mistake of forgetting a water bottle and have drinken three bottles (actually a re-usable cup that holds a bottle of water.. I'm green, guys!) of water in the hour that i've been back at my desk.

Tomorrow if my legs aren't complete jello i'll go to my favorite class- Step Triad.. It's a three part class, the first part is a shit ton of cardio in the form of step, the second part is strength training, and the last like ten minutes is yoga. I usually skip out on the yoga because well.. I just don't like it. Yoga is too slow for me. So hi-ho back to the gym I go. I just need to stay focused and not let myself get derailed again.

Are my pictures showing up sideways? I've rotated them ten million times and they're still showing sideways for me! EFF WORD!

Look at that girl, headin into the gym all excited and full of hope.
Look at that girl, bright red and sweaty leaving the gym.
Look real close at that after picture. Notice how about at my elbow my shirt is about a shade darker? Yeah, thats sweat. My shirt is drenched with sweat. I'm a lovely, dainty flower.


  1. Oh man. Getting back into the gym habit is ROUGH! But good for you for doing it and it's so awesome that your work has a program to help you out! I totally wish I had something like that! My cheapness and lack of free time DEFINITELY are my top excuses for avoiding the gym, but I should be avoiding ALL EXERCISE EVER! All right...I'm motivated!

  2. WOOOHOOO to our boot camp lmao!
    Im still jello. Back to it today ;)
    I love the before and after btw!