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Friday, June 15, 2012

ebony and ivory

My boys are just under three years apart in age. I always heard about how siblings are always so different from each other but I guess I just never really got it. My sister and I are practically polar opposites but I still didn't really get what people meant. Until I had a second kid. Noah is a completely different baby than Anthony was. Anthony was colic, Noah was calm. Anthony drooled like a mad man, that kid could soak the front of a shirt in 5 minutes flat. Noah barely drools, even when he's teething. Ant was walking at 9.5 months, Noah barely started crawling at 9.5 months. Anthony was a little tiny stick figure of a baby, Noah is a chunka monka. Anthony has curly blonde hair, Noah has straight brown hair. The list goes on and on.

Seriously, how can they both look like dad but not at all like each other?
They amaze me in that they both  look SO MUCH like their dad, yet somehow look nothing like each other. Honestly I wouldn't even guess them siblings if I didn't know them.  How can they have the same parents, and both resemble their dad so much and still look nothing alike?! Little magicians.

I always knew that Noah kinda resembled how Ant looked as a baby, but I never realized how much. Until today when I was looking through old pictures on my Facebook and realized that even though they don't look alike now, when I look back at pictures of Anthony at this age, Noah looks just like him. A little chubbier and brunette, but the similarities are so present. Present in that you can actually see similarities in them!

These two babies could almost pass as siblings! ...if they existed at the same time. But alas, Baby Anthony took these pictures in 2009 and Baby Noah took them in 2012. Maybe when Noey grows up a little more he'll start to resemble Ant a little more. Until then, I have these two little tricksters, who both come from the same parents, both look like their dad, but somehow look nothing like each other.  I love these little tricksters so much.

Impromptu Fathers day pictures taken last night :)

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