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Friday, March 16, 2012


In January we moved into my dads old house, and when I say old, I mean old. My dad had been living in this four bedroom house alone for many many years and a large majority of the house went untouched. It was in desperate need of some lovins. Brandon and I decided to come in and take over the place, we completely gutted and remodeled the bathroom. Despite the contractor from hell it got done on time and looks pretty good. We stripped 20 year old wall paper off the walls, primed and painted. We spent a good two months dumping our entire weekends into this house but it was worth it to have the rooms cleaner, updated, and more liveable for us and our boys. There's still much...much work to be done, but right now the bank account begs to differ. Until we can do the rest, I just have to revel in the work we've done so far.

Anthony's room -before. aka: wall paper hell. See all those little evil pink hearts??

In progress. That wall paper was resilient! It put up a good fight!

Anthony's room, after! So much better! (it wont rotate :/ )

Noah's room- before. Hello yellow. Oh, hey orange carpet.

Noah's room - after! Normal colors!

I didn't get much of a "before" but here is the bathroom, gutted

Floor stripped

After! (I dont know why all the after's are uploading sideways!)

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  1. Shannon, that wainscoting in the bedroom is amazing! You're lucky that house is such vintage flair! I wanted wainscoting in the dining room and my husband quickly said no. Too much extra work and money.

    You're place looks good!