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Friday, March 23, 2012

Hunger Games

I will admit it, I love Hunger Games. Im the Hunger Games equivilent of a twi-hard. I'm obsessed. I read all three books in 6 days total. (Did I mention I have a full time job, school, two children and a husband??) Then proceeded to endlessly harass everyone around me to read them so I could talk about them. I usually have a rule, after I read a book I will never go see the movie. Movies are notorious for ruining a great book, so i've always kept my distance. But i'm breaking my rule this weekend for HG. I seriously considered going to the midnight showing last night, but I get up at 4:45am for work every day so by the time the movie was over and I got home and got to sleep I'd end up with about two hours of sleep. And that's just not happening, i'm a bear when I don't get enough sleep. So I will wait. I'm not going to dare to go tonight or tomorrow. I don't want to risk my precious movie being ruined by some crappy little teenagers. No, i'm going to a Sunday morning viewing. The time that only old people go to the movies, to ensure that I'll be able to fully enjoy myself. I'm counting down the minutes until I can see my boyfriend Peeta on the big screen.

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