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Thursday, March 22, 2012


Are you on pinterest yet? Well, you should be. It's quite addictive, it's internet crack. I like to spend slow afternoons at work on there, dreaming about all the things I'm going to I wish I could do. There are a handful of things I actually have done, but let me tell you... if I had the time or money to do what I wanted, my house would be a craft temple. A TEMPLE I TELL YOU. Probably with more hanging lanterns than would ever be deemed appropriate. When I was on maternity leave I spent more time in Michaels than I had in my entire life leading up to that time. I yearn for those days. Days filled with framing pretty scrapbook paper, filling hurricane vases, decorating for the holidays, and baking treats just because. Along side hours of Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, dirty diapers, and tantrums, of course. Until that time, I lust over my DIY board. I imagine myself staining wood, hot glueing, modge podging, and hanging lanterns. Let's take a stroll through my imaginary home, eh?

White strings of lights and sheer curtains 
How gorgeous is that? If I had a big window or sliding glass door in my room bet your buckets that would be how it would be decorated.

It's not a DIY, but this chair is beyond amazing. Too bad I don't have $700 lying around to buy it.

A family tree wall
I have a wall in my house that would be perfect for this, but I have neither the artistic ability to paint the tree nor the means to obtain pictures of my grandparents and such. Or the time, oh yeah...that elusive thing.

Hanging mason jars with tealight candles inside
One of the few things I actually have gotten done. Figures, its' hanging lanterns. I used twine instead of wire, I dont like the rust from the wire and I have no sand in mine. Just the jar and the candle.

A corkboard with a fabric covering and furniture tacks
I'm going to attempt this one this weekend. I'm in desperate need for some organization for my necklaces. I have them hanging from a hanger right now. No, I really do.

Lyrics to your first dance song written around a photo of your dance
I'm going to do this for our anniversary, coming up in May. I just love it. I'm still so in love with our first dance song. It very, very rarely comes on the radio but when it does I blast it.

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