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Monday, March 26, 2012

Hunger Games -- The review!

I didn't even last until Sunday, I ended up going to a Saturday morning showing of Hunger Games. I was a giddy little girl, standing in line to get my popcorn and cheese, anxiously waiting to take in my favorite book on screen!


The movie was... good for the most part. There definitely were some parts that did not hold true to the book and that kind of bothered me. Especially when its something SO small like them changing the color of the cat... how difficult would it have been to get an orange cat?? Oh well. They completely wrote out Madge, they made Katniss buy the mockingjay pin from the hob and give it to Prim instead. I felt like they kind of downplayed the love story between Peeta and Katniss. I know there isn't a ton in the first book, but I felt like there was more than was portrayed. They did bring some parts of the second book into the movie, but I understand that was for set up for the second movie.

Now on to the big things that bugged me. When Katniss goes to the cornucopia to get the medicine for Peeta she takes a knife to head. In the book, it nearly kills her. She bleeds out intensely and is so injured she barely makes it back to the cave in time to inject Peeta with the medicine then passes out. She wakes up to him cleaning and bandaging her. -A good example of part of the loveyness they wrote out- In the movie, she takes the knife to the head and miraculously, gets just a scratch. Peeta rubs some cream on her and its gone. Not quite the tender, loving act that was in the book. In the book, at the end where its just Katniss, Peeta and Cato and the mutts arrive, the mutts attack Peetas leg as he's climbing onto the cornucopia and he starts bleeding out. Katniss makes a tourniquet for him to stop the bleeding. After Cato is killed and they announce that only one person can win, Peeta unties his tourniquet saying he's going to die from blood loss anyway, so she may as well kill him and win. They then proceed to pretend to eat the nightlock and they both win. Now in the movie, the mutts attack Peeta on his way up but again he miraculously comes away uninjured. In the end of the book Peeta loses the bottom half of his leg due to his injuries, and in the movie, he clearly did not. I think Peeta losing his frickin leg is a big thing to write out!!

Aside from a few small general things, the movie held pretty true to the book until the end. Even with all of the changes in the end, it still told the complete story. A bit of disappointment aside, I'll definitely be geeking out in line to see part two next November when it's released.

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