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Monday, March 19, 2012

Rainy days

I love weekends like this one we just had. Rain, wind, rain, and some more rain. We live in an area called Eucalyptyus Hills so as you can guess, there are a lot of eucalyptus trees around, and boy were those tall guys swaying in the wind.

This weekend also happened to be St. Patricks day. Let me tell you, we are party animals. I had some festivities planned for Anthony but the rain had other plans. One plan I was still able to pull off was our leprechaun invasion. The point was for the leprechaun to come in, trash the place looking for his gold then leave a few gold nuggets for the mess. It was so fun for Anthony and really easy to do. All I did was get some green, washable finger paint, made my hand into a fist and blotted the outside of my fist into the paint, blotted that painted fist onto the ground then usd my fingers for the toes and TA-DA! Tiny feet!

First, he came in through the bathroom window and made a mess of the bath toys

Then he used the facilities

Then ran into the living room...

And trashed the place!

Then, ran into the dining room, making a mess along the way

Then into the kitchen

Then right out the back door

But not before leaving us some gold for our troubles.
It was a bit of a mess but Anthony got a kick out of it and had fun so it was worth it. :)

I love rainy days and I love rainy day food. To me, cold rainy days equal warm comfort food. On Saturday I made a giant crockpot of slow cooked turkey chili. My turkey chili is no different than reguar chili, it just simply with turkey meat instead of beef. There are few rainy day meals better than slow cooked chili with cornbread. Since i'll be stuck at work all day today I decided to throw some food in the crockpot again so we can have something warm and delicious when we get home. On todays menu- onion garlic pork roast with potatoes and carrots.

Yes, that would be a dirty wine glass from the night before behind my crock pot.... don't judge me! :)


  1. I'm so glad you've come over to Blogger! It makes following you so much easier haha.

  2. The leprechaun idea is so awesome!!!!! Holy crap! And that pot roast looks aaaaamazing. *drool*

  3. Have any pics of Ant's reaction? I wanna see! :)