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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

My boys

There's something about being a mom of boys. I am severely outnumbered at home, even the pets are boys, but I don't mind. It isn't unheard of for my son to be found in the yard with a superhero costume on. In fact, it's quite common. Being in a house now and having a yard has been valuable beyond measure. We spend so much time out there, stealing vitamin D,  just playing, running, jumping, chasing, laughing. Boys need a yard! And I need my boys.

Epic basketball battle between daddy and Super Anthony

Stupid auto-focus. I really wish It would have focused on him instead of the wall. Either way, I love this picture.

This was actually taken at the zoo, not in the yard. But I love it either way.
These pictures were taken with a Sony A200, shot in aperture mode, f/3.5, ISO 800 I believe? They look a little grainy to me, im not sure why. Maybe I have my ISO too high? I really want to get a lens with a higher aperture, I found one for a really good price but, despite the great price I just can't bring myself to spend that much! For now, I oogle it. Wanna oogle too?

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  1. Yup-- the 800 ISO is definitely what is causing the grain :)

    I can't believe how DARK Noah's hair is growing in! I guess I imagined he would be a blondie like Anthony, but he definitely takes after his Daddy in the colour!